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Givens Highland Farms offers a wide variety of professional and career opportunities. As a Givens Highland Farms employee, you will work in a retirement community setting where your work makes a difference to both staff and residents. You will be an integral part of the 200-plus personnel who provide skills, services and care to appreciative residents.

We accept applications or resumes by email for most positions. To inquire about applying for an open position, email or call our Human Resources Department at or call (828) 357-2005.


Posted on 9/19/2014

Job Description: An immediate part-time opportunity (20-25 hours per week) is available for a creative professional to provide professional administrative support to the Executive Director, Controller, Marketing Director and other Department Managers as may be required.This position will support the office of the Executive Director and will optimize the Executive Director's efficiency by acting as Recording Secretary and preparing minutes for meetings, as required; preparing executive correspondence (including e-mail and facsimiles); other administrative and organizational tasks as required. Acting in this capacity, the administrative assistant will support the activities and goals of all departments by organizing direct mailings as needed; assisting with production and distribution of periodic resident newsletters, flyers, etc.The administrative assistant will ensure internal information storage and retrieval needs and ready response to federal and state regulatory agencies by organizing and maintaining centralized files for contracts, policies and procedures, licenses, surveys, physician credentialing, etc.This position will also support the Technology department and resident issues with cable television, telephone and internet matters and will act as the Technology help-desk by assisting with technology assistance requests.

Job Requirements:Qualified candidates will possessthe ability to work independently with minimal supervision and within a team setting.Qualified candidates must possess the ability to handle frequent interruptions, exhibit excellent interpersonal, computer/technology and customer-service skills, as well as exhibit above average computer software skills concentrating in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook) as well as database management.


Posted on 9/19/2014

DESCRIPTION: Part-time position available for Central Supply Clerk, this position provides inventory of Medical Supplies and equipment for a 90 bed Health Care Facility. Position requires employee to be cross trained as backup for Receptionist area.

Employee will be responsible for ordering medical supplies and equipment, maintain par levels. Unpack supplies and deliver to the units. Researching for best pricing procedures, and implement par scan. Reconcile invoices with deliveries. Candidate will be responsible for ordering Medicare Part B supplies through provider as needed.

Essential Job Functions:Ensures adequate level of medical supplies are on hand at all times by performing regular inventories of supplies and equipment on hand, ordering to maintain approved par levels for supplies and equipment required for Health Care Center and updating inventory when supplies and equipment are received and stored.

Supports Health Care Center operations by cataloging location of supplies and equipment for efficient handling and preventing deterioration; storing items in catalogued location; issuing and delivering supplies and equipment in accordance with established policies and procedures. Minimizes loss by preparing correspondence and claims concerning damaged merchandise, errors in shipment, etc., and returning to vendor for credit or redelivery as required. Supports department and facility planning objectives and revision of par levels for supplies and equipment by tracking quarterly inventory of medical supplies and the impact of medical supplies and equipment on the Health Care Center. Complies with OSHA requirements and minimizes the impact of any incidents by obtaining, maintaining and updating MSDS sheets on all products

JOB REQUIREMENTS:Candidate needs to be computer literate, have the ability to lift 20 – 50lbs, be detail oriented, organized, have ability to do data entry, also be able to work with the elderly. Prefer candidate have medical terminology.

CNA for all shifts

Posted on 1/10/2014

Job Summary:  Assists professional nursing staff by performing routine duties in caring for residents in accordance with current federal, state and local standards, guidelines and regulations that govern the facility.

Encourages the performance of residents' activities of daily living to the extent each individual's condition permits and provide assistance with residents' activities of daily living as needed by performing duties including, but not limited to assisting residents to dining rooms; feeding or assisting residents with feeding at mealtimes; understanding and carrying out rehabilitative nursing assignments; assisting with or giving bed baths, tub baths, or showers and shampoos as needed; ensuring that mouth care is performed at least once per shift and that male residents are shaved as needed; assisting semi-ambulatory residents to bathrooms; waking residents and performing morning care or providing evening care and preparing residents for sleep, etc.

Supports the care plans established for each resident by remaining informed at all times of the condition and needs of residents assigned to his/her care; following care plans including, but not limited to, taking and recording vital signs as instructed, recording bowel movements, providing and distributing supplemental feedings, accurately recording food and fluid intake and outputs; performing catheter care per orders; transporting residents to and from clinics and between residences; observing, reporting and documenting status changes in an accurate and timely manner, etc.

Supports residents' socialization and orientation to time and place by assisting with admitting new residents to the unit, including orientation to environment; transporting residents to and from activities in which they can participate.     

Completion of Nursing Assistant Training Course from an approved program is required. A minimum of one year experience as a CNA is preferred.

CNS's needed on all shifts. Every other weekend is required.



Dining Services Jobs

Posted on 9/19/2014

Dietary Aide Positions:

Ensures that all residents, staff, and guests enjoy meals that have been prepared in clean cooking vessels on clean equipment, in a clean kitchen, and that are served on clean and sanitary trays and service ware.

Ensures that all small wares (plates, dishes, etc.) are clean, sanitized and ready for use by cleaning items in approved areas, following established dishwashing procedures, and using the appropriate equipment and chemicals safely.

Ensures that silverware and food preparation and serving utensils are clean, sanitized and ready for use by cleaning items in approved areas, following established dishwashing procedures, and using the appropriate equipment and chemicals safely.

Ensures that thickened liquid diets are served the correct amounts and consistancy at each meal, and that each patient is given the accurate food items ordered, based on the card request.

Maintains ready availability of all cleaned and sanitized items by restocking clean and dry items after washing; checking each item prior to restacking, storing, or resupplying.

Maintains cleanliness of dish room and kitchen areas by following cleaning schedules, manufacturer's recommendations for using chemicals properly and safely, observing precautions on Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), etc.

Wait positions available:

Ensures that all residents, staff, and guests enjoy meals that have been prepared in clean cooking vessels on clean equipment, in a clean kitchen, and that are served on clean and sanitary trays and service ware.

Organize and set up dining room and beverage area for meal service.Prepare and assemble all salads, desserts, special food items and beverages as need for residents.Assists in helping residents select from menu as needed.Assist cooks in the overall appearance of plate (i.e., garnish correct food items, portion size, etc.).Use proper techniques in meal service in Dining Room (i.e., serve from right, remove from left, serve courses in proper order, etc.).Supply and re-stock beverage area and condiments on a daily basis as required to perform meal service.Perform clean-up of work areas including Dining Room beverage area and dish room to meet required sanitary standards. 

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